This column is for what I honestly think and feel as one of the Japanese having a conflict of self-contradiction of being critical to our fellows, as an up dated information of what I've learned through studying both universality and Kunio Yanagita, my grand father's works.

One most important factor which is making Japan and Japanese people isolated from the world is, the attitude towards persuit after universality as I've mentioned so many times. One big result shown caused from it, is the difference of Japanese way of thinking and western way of thinking toward Safety &Security.

It's a must for Japanese people to know that " proceeding at our own risk" is the fundamental rule of the Free World, which means Japanese should recognize there's no tacit understanding such as grandma's wisdom which is still ruling Japanese individuals as sub-society called "seken" or village society so called "mura-shakai" ,still based on what we call unphilological intelligence.

As a result, so many people is suffering from identity crisis facing this sub-society right after graduation to see the difference from what they have learned in school.

As for the transcendental aspects, we should achieve those through philosophical experience just as medieval Europeans did it along with saying prayers, since philosophy is something to achieve through experience not through studying. It is because Japanese learned philosophy without philosophical experiance as it were already categorized from the beginning.

Now a days, Japanese are facing the alternative which we shoud take, keep on cocooning or to hatch. I'ts about a time for us to get rid of that sub-society used as the safety blanket due to participate in international society to get mature.

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