For Martin Luther(1483-1546) had been excommunicated from Vatican unexpectedly for making protest against issue of "INDULGENCE" for building San Pietro Bassilica, Christianity was divided into Catholic and Protestant, besides we have several sects having faith to their originality , such as Orthodox or Anglican and so far.

We could hardly understand through reading a Bible whether the concept of "CHURCH" Jesus Christ had in his mind was "VISIBLE" or "INVISIBLE". It's a typical human deed we should say.

This "VISIBLE" or "INVISIBLE" seems to be a very important factor comes along with human beeing. It is usual that we make hierarchy once we try to make human congregations visible. We could see so many new groups are beeing gathered here and there, for people feel like staying in a disinterested world when they were hurt involved in the complex of social systems. There is apparently some kind of "UNDER SURFACE MOVEMENT" seeking after so to speak "TRANSCENDENTAL SOCIETY". Things expressed here as "TRANSCENDENTAL" or "UNDER SURFACE" has much importance.

To our regret, it's inevitable to make use of the present social systems due to maintain our every day life as it were "MUNDAINE INTERESTS". Problems always occur when one of the biggest human characteristics "DEPENDENCE" leads some one to bring those "MUNDAINE INTERESTS" into "TRANSCENDENTAL SOCIETY" which exsists invisibly.

Invisible Salon is definitely beeing build or always exsists invisibly that we could hardly notice. We like to be really carefull not to be the "BITER BIT".

Yoshiaki Yanagita

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