To research on pre and post war Japan through Kunio Yanagita's works,more over to embody what he had factorized through the enormous quantity of record and resources of Japanese Historic Culture, as well as modifying the tendency for the scholors to resarch on only one side of Yanagita's profile to avoide further misunderstandings on him being nostalgic or anachronistic.


He is usually took as a folklorist and tend to be told that he was sticking to ancient Japanese traditions. So many scholors are still researching on his works, but most of them are focused on his "FOLKLORE" which he used as his resouces of his data-base as it were subjective of his study apt to took as his objective for the huge volumes of his writings . That sometimes mislead us to think that he was a radical consevative person and refered by the people hurt by western universalism.

He was trying to estabish Japanese Identity before all the charactaristics of traditional Japan would be faded away by unification and standardization with the incoming influence of the western civilization. In other words, he was trying to establish doctrine or tenet based on "Shintoism" which has no dogmatic heritage so to speak "unphilological intelligence".

For him, "FOLKLORE" was only one of the subjectives to find out what Japan needed at that era, since his mind was always pointed at the present moment of the history. He used to tell that history is something to trace back from the present point.

Yoshiaki Yanagita

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