Is Japan Far East or Far West?

Wnenever I think on the entitled matter, it reminds me of a famous Aesop's Fable written about a bat sometimes stands on the mammal side and sometimes on the bird side, eventually kicked out from the both sides.

It is said that the Post Modern society is the Harmonism of Humanism and Naturalism. Western people are eager to learn about Easternl Naturalism or spirituality, while Eastern people always stick to their traditional mythology even under the modern civilization without unederstanding about western spirit or philosophy.

On that aspect, Japan is a suitable place to learn Harmonism aproaching from the both sides to realize one compleatly new civilization, since fortunately or unfortunately, Japan doesn't match to the both categories.

Japan has to make full use of this peculiar situation to establish one advanced civilization, converting a demerit into a big merit. In other words, it is the only way left for Japan to survive the world without losing the originality. Still, Japan has to learn a lot from both sides due to avoid becoming a bat doesn't belong to either side.

Yoshiaki Yanagita

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