The philosophy of Italian Renaissance era is Neo Platonism. It is a trial of fusion of Greek philosophy and Christianity, so to speak a syncretism of philosophy and theism, in short, a combination of thinking and believing. It is a cultural revival movement started from Platon Academy which was held at the villa of Medici Family, but partly because it was more of a social salon for wealthy people not like the Academy in France, and partly because they tried to adapt occult factors alchemy and horoscopy from the east, therefore as a social science, Neo Platonism is not succeeded today for it's contradiction to exact science. Modern science is based on rationalism taught by Aristotle, a diciple of Platon. However, the movement had been spread beyond Alps, through continental European countries, France, Germany, Holland eventually to England, and through the activities of secret organizations it was carried on and on untill present days. Big characteristic is, they always had a factor of believing and they rsearched or discussed within it. This factor of believing was the key for solving all the contradictions.

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