Important thing to carry on our lives today is, how to organize overflowing information at the same time how to process them or to cope with them. So, it is needed to organize our logical circuit always more than ever to show full information processing ability . It is true the quantitiy of information has increased a lot, most important factors about our lives has been almost told by our predecessors. We apt to take, so to speak others' knowledge which our predecessors had reached, as if they were our own knowledge for under the flood of information we could easily get them. Others' knowledge is after all only a information for ourselves, and that information become our knowledge after they were put through our logical circuits, in other words, after we recognize the information it would become our real knowledge. Important is the process to reach them, the knowledge which were eventually reached out is often overlooked or passed over for it's simplicity and hard to obtein.

We could succseed the cultural heritage which our predicessors had left, but if we don't have any capability to accept them, we couldn't make use of them as knoeledge which is a waste of treasure. Information and kowledge is two different things, and our brain last only for one generation, it is important to recognize that we couldn't succeed them with full of knowledge inside it. In accordance with the pursuit of conveniency has made it unnecessary to think a lot, the number of people who thinks foundly has decreased. It is simply shown on our computors which is supposed to be the most logical gadget that all we have to do is to click on icon with a mouse. Is it sure enough that we could pour our energy only to the pursuit of convenyency making use of others' knowledge, isn't it true that the caltivation of our logical circuit would produce the culture? We have achieved this advanced civilization with the division of labour, on the othe hand, aren't we slighting the part to put importance on estblishment of individuals which is indivisible?

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