Why Japanese people are always seeking after the different characteristicks while world is seeking after the common characteristicks. The reason why is, Japnese people are not individually independent, when the way for integration is blocked what people could do is only differenciation, just like one way traffic. In other words, when the contraction side is closed only way left is expansion. That is because Japanese society is always disturbing Japnese people from being individually independent.

It is said that Japanese society based on "Sintoism" or "Emperor System" usually called "mura-shakai" or "seken" is a sort of premature society composed like the emperor as a big farthar and the people as family members, therefore people could feel protected always and people could satisfy their safety and security desire without facing the fear or danger, as well as with their environmental factors such as island country or only one race in one nation or hadn't been penetrated from other countries.

Japnese people lost an oppotunity to become individually independent with those lucky conditions, so that the society became safety blanket like what we call "amae" as it were spoilt children or fawn like always expecting for other's generosity, consideration or a favour.

Moreover, after Meiji Restoration and even after World War Two, Japanese people were smart enough to cope with the incoming medern civilization happened to be the western culture to protect that comfortable society so called "amae no kouzou" or "immature stracture" by using the double standard called " honne" as the right mind and "tatemae" as the principle or the rule, one of the biggest National Idiosyncracys, without noticing independent individual was the most importnat factor of the modern civilization only because it's comfortable.

It was the story how Japanese people blocked the way for persuit after universality, covering themselves with the shell called "seken" exclusive and premature society.

What Japan needs now is spiritual renovation to take away the obstacles for getting universal. This is something like a spiritual big bang taking off to macro cosmos, there's no other way left for Japnese to survive the world.

Hopefully we could do it all by ourselves this time, what we need is a spiritual big bang not a physical big bang since indipendence is something to achieve not to be given.

Yoshiaki Yanagita

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