Japan has been absorbing western culture after Meiji Restoration in 1868 and World War II, and now is facing 21st century embracing so many problems unsolved. Whenever we talk on internationality, the attitude to solve the specific problems is always needed before coping with universal ones.

If our national idiosyncrasy "the Japanese Spirit & Western Learning" is keeping us away from approaching universal internationality, we should search for a remedy for it how long it would take, avoiding taking it as just a matter of personal social adaptation, without averting from it.

There must be something wrong with the methodology, that Truth, Goodness and Beauty does not link one another with Food, Clothing and Shelter in Japan at present. Therefore, it might be too late but, we should start solving our specific problems first if any, thinking on universal internationality for the coming 21st century, through the diversity of factors "ITALIAN RENAISSANCE" is presenting us.

Renaissance is a complex of cultural movements, and it is said that inter diciplinal research is needed for it's diversity of factors, socially and culturally, including "PURSUIT OF ORIGIN".
We could dare say that we could not talk on any subject without researching on Renaissance since our predecessors summed up "LIBERTY", "EQUALITY" and "FRATERNITY" with "RENAISSANCE" as a momentum, and gave a lot of influence on "FRENCH REVOLUTION", "ESTABLISHMENT OF THE U.S.A." and as a result to "JAPANESE CONSTITUTION".

What we would like to propose here is to focus on Renaissance as Re-Birth, having one cultural revival movement occurred in Italy 500 years ago as a media, and think over what Renaissance is telling us, not only researching on historical facts but also how we could apply those to the present days.
That is to say, how we reflect Truth, Goodness and Beauty to Food, Clothing and Shelter.

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