The strands of esseys strted from the one titled "Seeking after the Ethos for Post Modern" seems to be ending it's objectives to find the remdy for our Japanese National Idiosyncracies.

It took me more than ten years to find out that Japan is not even based on Naturalism which is said to be the fundamental Eastern way of thinking, more over Japan remained wholistic throughout all the opportunities for secularization such as Incoming of Buuddhism in 538 ad or Meiji Restoration in 1868 or even from the defeat in the world war two in 1945.

While Western society has been based on the Humanism since Italian Renaissance, Eastern society had it's own Naturalism, both having Materialism in the center which is enevitable with human being living with our body.

As far as our body is concerned, Humanism tends to explain more on matter and body as one, whilst Naturalism on matter and mind as one.

That leads us to a conlulision that Harmonism of above two is to think body and mind as one.

To examine both criteria, Humanism is logically figured out with "All" and "One" while Naturalism with "One" and "None".

But as for Japanese wholistic state of criterion , which is hard to tell if we could call it Wholism, unfortunately remained "All" and "None" without any logical break down into "One".

From this contemplation, we could see that Japan lacks "logics" and "One" which is stated as an "individual", so that Japanese people are still going back and forth inbetween "All" and "None" somewhat desperately.

Fortunately the world is proceeding towards ecological, symbiotical, sustainable society, something like commensalism, in other words, Harmonism of Humanism and Naturalism.

It would be easier for Japan's present situation standing inbetween Humanism and Naturalism to change it's criterion, if Jpaanese individuals learn how to scrap and build this what I call Wholism using logics, into Harmonism of Humanism and Naturalism, since the difference between Wholism and Harmonism is only awareness of Humanism and Naturalism.

Yoshiaki Yanagita

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